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Cebu Code Camp

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Our location

We don’t have an official business address, yet.

All of us primarily work in our own companies and offices. However, all of us live and work in the same city, Cebu, Philippines. This will affect where we will host the events and trainings we plan to do. Obviously, it will be within the city.

If you are not familiar yet with Cebu, you can find a lot of good information from these websites,

You can also pick-up any Lonely Planet or Fodor’s books out there, to help you get around.

Why Cebu?

We are biased, since we are already here. For us, we find Cebu a nice place to live and work in (so far!).

Although the population is rapidly growing, it is still at a manageable state that it is easy to travel around without getting stuck in traffic for a long time. It’s also just one big city, where most points of interest is within a 5 to 7 kilometer radius.

Cebu is also home to a lot of great outdoor destinations. Beach, diving spots, islands to visits, it’s all easy to get to from here. We particularly like the combination of being able to work in the weekdays, and easily drop the hectic life, and head on an adventure in the weekends. Travel time is mostly less than 6 hours to any paradise you dream of (unless you plan to take it by a slow boat or a slow bus).

Where in the city?

We know, we hear it a lot, they say Cebu City is big! I say, they probably don’t spend a lot of time outside their cubicles! :)

We mostly work in and around the Lahug, Mabolo, Capitol Site, and Banilad area. This is also where Asiatown IT Park and the Cebu Business Park are located. Both business zones has the highest concentration of tech professionals and entrepreneurs. That if you work in-and-around these areas, it’s easy to bump to each other or gather for a happy hour.

There are also a few nice places to hang-out, though for the really serious bars, they’re less than 3 KM away, at Mango Square.

Talent pool

Cebu is home to some of the biggest universities in the country. It is also a top destination for students who want to enroll in college. So a lot of kids from nearby provinces go here, to earn their college degree. And often end up here to work afterwards.

We have set up our businesses here, and have access to these talents. Of course, there’s still a lot of training and learning to be had, but then that’s the same every where else.

One key factor of the local talent here is the positive attitude. We like to have fun, we smile a lot, and we laugh as the going gets tough. Our ancestors must have passed it on to us, but somehow we learned to take life seriously fun to do.


Yep, that’s right, English. We are trained from early years to read and write in English.

Although we don’t look any English nor caucasian by any measure, we speak very good English. For anyone who uses this universal language when traveling, will find Cebu an easy place to get around. Everyone from all corners in the society, can easily make a conversation (or give directions).

In fact, a lot of our Asian neighbors come here to learn English (ESL). We know right? Crazy!

Why are all these information relevant?

I think a lot!

It’s hard to build a good community if the external, physical environment is not helping. Being able to live, work, and have fun really helps a lot in fostering a community that lasts a lifetime.