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Cebu Code Camp

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Code of Conduct

In here, we set out a few guidelines on how to enjoy the Cebu Code Camp community.

We believe there is great value to be gained from a local community of software engineers.

We envision a local community, as composed of regular events around software, a great training program for aspiring engineers, and a network of mentors and senior professionals learning and coaching the larger community.

In 2016, we set out to make this vision a reality.

Our Values

We believe a community thrive because of 3 things. People. Content. Values.

It’s really just the first one, and the other two are a result of having great people in the community.

As we grow the community around this project, it is important we communicate our code of conduct.

We believe in these 4 core values.

Share knowledge

We believe knowledge is the top level resource in a community. Its strength lies in the individual wealth of knowledge and the propensity of everyone to share it.

Respect each other

We all differ in our opinions and views. However, as a community, we have at least one thing in common, our love and respect of each other.

Open doors

Access to opportunity is not always evenly distributed. As a community, we believe we have the power and are excited to open doors for others.

Have fun

Life is too short spent on doing things that are not fun. Sharing knowledge is fun. Getting along with everyone is fun. Helping other people is fun.

We expect everyone to share these values with us.



All contents on this site and in any of the events we organized are owned by Cebu Code Camp. Unless, stated otherwise. To avoid any hassle, it’s good to ask permission from us, if you intend to re-use or re-publish it for any commercial purpose.


The guests speakers are responsible for their own opinion, and normally do so on a personal basis. Although most carry with them the company they are connected with, we ask them to speak on their own behalf, and not as an official representative of their companies.

Commercial Sponsors

We are open to sponsors in any of the events. We believe that having a good set of sponsors for any of the events, creates a good sustainability.

Sponsors do not own the content of the event. Though we grant them permission to use the content, the event, and the Cebu Code Camp brand for their own promotion. We acknowledge that most sponsors support these events often for this purpose. We hope they find the events a strategic and valuable initiative for them to support, which help them achieve their business goals.

We have the right to allow or deny sponsors in any of the events, based on relevancy and a good fit.

Personal Donors

We also accept personal donations, in support of the events. Similar to commercial sponsors, we grant them permission to use the content, the event, and the Cebu Code Camp brand for any self-promotional purpose. Though, we hardly find that useful, and we know most personal donations are done in a personal capacity.

For personal donors, we can not offer anything, apart from acknowledging them, if they allow, during the event. Of course, we know, it is deeply gratifying to be able to support and see your donated money put to good use.

Open community

The events are generally open to the registering public. Most of our events are offered with a registration fee. Sponsors may recommend to waive the registration fee, if they cover the events expenses.


We do not intend to personally profit from this project. All income and proceeds will be used to fund future events and projects.

Good Conduct

Being in good conduct of ourselves is very important to be a good member of this community.

We do not tolerate any bad behavior nor anything that demeans someone else. We reserve the right to ban people from any of our events, if we see someone is contributing negatively to the community.

Though, we have to say, you probably have to do something really bad to be officially banned. Just as any thriving online community, the community will police itself accordingly.