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Cebu Code Camp

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Software built by great teams, for the world

We envision a nurturing environment in Cebu, where aspiring and seasoned software engineers thrive and excel to build great software for the world.

Our mission

We want to foster an environment of learning, through online activities and offline events, where software engineers have a nurturing place to grow.

We want to teach anyone with the passion, to be not just “coders” but complete software engineers in order to help get the jobs we love.

Who and why?

Hi, we thought you will ask who we are, and why we are doing this.

We are a group of programmers* who are based in Cebu, Philippines, and have called this city our home. We are building this institution (not legally registered yet) and this community for the lack of it. And motivated based in our struggle while forming development teams from scratch.

We can’t say there’s an abundance of experienced software engineers out there ready to join our quest in a moments notice, because that is not reality. It’s true for Cebu, and based on what we have gathered, it’s also true everywhere else.

Of course, one can argue that there’s a lot of great talents out there, but these either require high bribes to change their allegiance or for the companies they’re working in to close down. Both of which are not sustainable for us.

We feel, we have to do something to improve this, and increase the pool of qualified and ready-for-action engineers. Perhaps, not at a moments notice, but can move fast to be valuable to our teams.

And for the software engineers out there, we like you to join our community, to learn and grow with us.

*We use programmers interchangeable with software engineers. We don’t like to argue what’s the difference, but often, we lean towards calling ourselves programmers to pay homage to an era when we started our careers, when it was still the de facto term of our identity. Nowadays, we happily call ourselves software engineers.