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CTL meets at DNA Micro

Date: Aug 29, 2017
Attendees: Belmer (Host), Murat (Scribe), Froi, Mark

Discussion of Murat’s question: Fairly distributing freedom among a team

Q: How to give team members freedom according to their ability to handle it, while making it fair?

Discussion of Garik’s question: In the zone, how?

Q: What do you do to get into or while you’re in the zone?

Answers include: Loud music, white noise, quiet when energy is there and music when energy is needed

Functional Programming, Talk by Belmer

Summary of points:

• Just a paradigm, like OO • We do that at DNAμ • Pure functions, avoid shared state, side-effects, mutation • There will always be side-effects, but you can separate them out

• Pure function: same input -> same output & no side-effects • Composition has two solutions:

  1. append function invocations: ex: encode(input.split(‘ ‘).map(str => str.toLowerCase()).join(‘-‘))
  2. currying, partially bind ex: pipe(split(‘ ‘), map(str => str.toLowerCase()), join(‘-‘), encode) • Shared state: bad because order of function execution changes outcome • Immutabiility: If you don’t share values, then you can’t have side-effects. :) Trie data structure • Higher-order functions: Those functions that takes another function as argument Allow for advanced composability. • Declarative vs imperative imperative: define how to do something declarative: use expressions to define what to do

• Declarative over imperative • expressions over statements • higher order functions over polymorphism

Belmer showed React: • JSX • DevTools with its replaying functionality

Discussion about adding new members

Mark proposed inviting three more people, Garik addad another. General agreement that it’s good to add contributors. Murat: We’re planning a new meetup group for senior coders.

Discussion of Froi’s question: How do you store geo-coordinates?

Belmer: We’ve just stored plain in MySQL, no querying necessary. Froi: We’ll use Postgres native columns.

Discussion of self-assessments

Mark proposed one team member during each meeting to do a self-assessment regarding a personal goal or project, with others being able to give advice or ask questions. No consensus, I think.

Presenting and teaching at school as CTL activity?

Belmer proposed presenting and teaching at schools/universities in Cebu as one of the group’s activities. General agreement it’s a good idea. :)