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CTL meets at Trax Technologies

Date: Jun 13, 2017
Attendees: Olan (Host), Mark (Scribe), Belmer, Yohei, Albert, Froi, Murat

Olan talked about Google Analytics

Using GA to track users in their app
App is hosted in AWS
Exports data to Gsheet, and uses reporting tool to better present data

Interactive Q&A: Using Google Cloud Platform

Asked, and most are using AWS in their infrastucture. Wondering, what will compel them to move to GCP, and no one can point to a concrete basis. Primary reason can be cost, since GCP prices are lower than AWS. BUT, it is outweighed by the risks in moving. So, lower price is not enough to convince them to move. Though, if starting a new, might be an easy consideration.

Albert demoed Tensorflow

Demo showed how to train ML, to classify images of roses, tulips, and dandelions.
Tutorial can be found at Google Developers Codelab
Tensorflow, is a python framework to do machine learning
Demos the neural playground
Used it to classify road projects as part of audit efforts
Tensorflow can use the machines GPU, to speed up the training
TensorBoard looks nice, for observing local performance
What are use cases? What can it be used for? Something to ponder for the next meeting.