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CTL meets at DNA Micro office

Date: May 9, 2017
Attendees: Mark (Host), Belmer (Scribe), Froi, Garik, Murat, Rolando


Just anything about anyone in their respective organizations.

Introduction by Garik

Garik is the new member of the group. He is the CEO of Blvnp Inc, a publishing company. Garik’s main strength is actually on the area of Finance & Marketing but he is very interested on Software. He has a bit of programming background too using PHP. And most importantly he loves Island Hoping.. ;-)

Blvnp Inc. has a unique culture I must say.

Continous Integration(CI) by Froi

Froi talked about CI and how they’re actually using it in Synacy. The following are some of the stuff they’re doing:

Cyber Security by Murat

Murat talked about the overview of Cyber Security, large attacks and more. Click Here for all resources and contents.