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Project Euler: Mathematical Coding Challenges

Talking with my peers, again and again I run into a deficit of our current meetup community in Cebu: The lack of topics and challenges for advanced engineers. It’s not due to a lack of meetups: We’ve dozens of them, but they usually target beginners. Introduction to Technology X, Workshop 101 for Technology Y.

While embracing and encouraging beginners and juniors is an important part of every tech community, the other people of the skill pyramid (beginners, journeymen, masters) can’t be forgotten either.

What do you do for the skilled and seasoned engineers? The challenge here is that there are much less of them out there, so focusing on a particular technology may already exclude enough people to get critical mass. But, we all need problem solving skills. And if there’s one thing, hackers by heart love it’s solving hard problems, and solving them well.

So, on Saturday 24th, I am starting a series of hopefully regular gatherings to solve interesting problems, such as collected by Project Euler.

Join me! Let’s put that brain of ours to use! :D