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Code refactoring

In our next Coding Cafe session, this coming Saturday afternoon, we are planning to have a live coding screencast.

We will be refactoring code in Javascript, Python, and Ruby. Yes, there will be a lot of code on display, as well as display of coding chops by Murat and me.

We plan to have it as a coding workshop, so please bring your laptop, so you can code with us.

We will be providing a code repo, for you to checkout, and try in your own machine. It’s best if your machine is Linux or Mac based, but if it’s Windows, we will provide a temporary Linux machine hosted in DO for you to play around.

You will need to install an SSH client, generate your ssh keys, so we can give you access to the shared server. You can do it ahead, by following the steps on this Github page. To clone/fork the demo code, it is best you also have a Github account.

The session is both for newbies and seasoned coders. There will be plenty of ideas to explore for everyone.

If it’s the first time you have heard of refactoring, here is a brief description i found by Ward Cunningham.

It is changing code for the better, without changing the expected behaviour. For better performance, easier to read, and easier to change. Better is important, to lessen the cost of maintaining it, and to minimize the possibility of defects in later code changes.

Alrighty, we hope to see you then! Please register at our Doorkeeper event page.