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Hello world, we are in beta mode

Hello, hello! Welcome!

We’ll, this is the first blog post on this site, so please go easy on me.

If you want to know more about this site, and who we are, and why we are doing this, go visit the ‘Who we are’ page.

I would like to debut this newborn initiative, which we have been working and discussing behind the scene for a few months now. It is still in beta mode, so a lot of changes are still coming. But we want to bring this out already, so we can already test and learn how to move this forward.

We originally thought of launching a training school for software engineers, just like what App Academy is doing. And after much planning, we realized we need a full-time facilitator, which we haven’t found one yet. And we want to time it, when any of our companies can hire the graduates. So, we concluded that the timing is not yet right to start on a full-scale training program. Perhaps, in a few months time.

Instead, we scaled down the plans to bootstrap a community around this project, and organize low-key, regularly scheduled, group learning sessions. You can imagine, these group learning sessions are like meetups, but with a technical topic in mind. It can be someone doing a presentation, or often, it can be a video or an online course, which we will show during the event and can do an open forum afterwards.

We are now finalizing the first ever session, so watch out for announcements on that.